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BA in Cinema & Media Studies

The BA in Cinema & Media Studies prepares students to participate in a world where moving images play an increasing role in the production, distribution, and reception of knowledge. Students learn to understand film, television and other moving images in relation to history, criticism, technology and aesthetics.

How to apply to the BA program in Cinema & Media Studies

BFA in Production

The BFA in Production offers a comprehensive curriculum in all aspects of filmmaking. Courses in the creative crafts of cinematography, editing and sound are offered alongside studies in the concepts and practices of screenwriting, directing and producing. Students work in a full range of digital and film formats to produce work of professional calibre.

How to apply to the BFA program in Production

BFA in Screenwriting

The BFA in Screenwriting, the only one in Canada, offers a full range of courses in writing for film and television. With an admissions intake of only 10 students per year, the program offers talented writers a challenging and nurturing educational and creative environment.

How to apply to the BFA program in Screenwriting

Note: If you are interested in both the BFA in Production and Screenwriting and the BA in Cinema and Media Studies, you must apply to each of the programs separately.

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York University and the Faculty of Fine Arts offer an array of scholarships for incoming students. In addition to 15 Fine Arts Talent Awards of $1000, scholarships are available based on academic performance or by application. For more information, visit York's Admissions website.

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